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      By holding this wiper bar continuously in contact with the hammer-drop, elastic or rebounding blows are given, and by adding weight in certain positions to the wiper bar its motion is so retarded that a hammer will act as a stamp or drop. A German firm employs the concussion of the blow to disengage valve gear, so that it may fall and effect this after movement of the valves. Other engineers effect the same end by employing the momentum of the valve itself, having it connected to the drop by a slotted or yielding connection, which allows an independent movement of the valve after the hammer stops.Die-cutting produces screws which may not be true, but are still sufficiently accurate for most uses, such as clamping and joining together the parts of machinery or other work.

      "No, sir, we must hope for the best."Crowds of soldiers moved through the main streets, revelling, shouting, screaming in their mad frenzy of victors. They sat, or stood, or danced in the cafs, and the electrical pianos and organs had been started again "by order." Doors and windows were opened wide, and through the streets sounded forth the song "Deutschland über Alles" (Germany before all other), which affected the inhabitants as a provocation and a challenge. Oh! one could41 see so clearly how thousands of citizens suffered from it, how they felt hurt in their tenderest sentiments. Dull and depressed they stared in front of them, and whenever their set features relaxed, it was a scornful grin.

      The art of keeping reasonably clean even in a machine shop is worth studying; some men are greased from head to foot in a few hours, no matter what their work may be; while others will perform almost any kind of work, and keep clean without sacrificing convenience in the least. This difference is the result of habits readily acquired and easily retained.Pens will generally fill by capillary attraction; if not, they should be made wet by being dipped into water; they should not be put into the mouth to wet them, as there is danger of poison from some kinds of ink, and the habit is not a neat one.

      "Nor must you tell them that we detained you here. That was really not our intention at all, but just now we had no time to examine your papers.""To the inhabitants.

      I was informed further that there had been no fighting for the possession of Huy. The citadel on which the German flag flew had not been put in a state of defence on account of its great age. The old bridge over the Meuse at Huy had been wrecked by the Belgians, but the Germans had simply driven stout piles into the river, to support a floor which they put over the wrecked part, and so restored the traffic.I will now proceed to review these conditions or principles in pattern-making and casting in a more detailed way, furnishing as far as possible reasons for different modes of constructing patterns, and the various plans of moulding and casting.



      What might happen next? Sitting on a chair in a corner of the room I began to consider my position. For the moment it was not agreeable, but by and by those officers might find time to look at my papers. The only thing I bothered about was a map marked with the places where, according to the latest news, the German and French armies were. I kept it in an inside coat-pocket, and it might be found if they should search me."Not allowed!"




      Examining machines made by the best designers, it will be found that their dimensions bear but little if any reference to calculated strains, especially in machines involving rapid motion. Accidents destroy constants, and a draughtsman or designer who does not combine special and experimental knowledge with what he may learn from general sources, will find his services to [89]be of but little value in actual practice.The lathe as a tool for producing heliacal forms would occupy a prominent place among machine tools, if it were capable of performing no other work; the number of parts of machinery which have screw-threads is astonishing; clamping-bolts to hold parts together include a large share of the fitting on machinery of all kinds, while screws are the most common means for increasing power, changing movements and performing adjustments.